Friday, July 18, 2014

Research on plants and animals

Students of IVE inquired about different plants and animals based on their habitats. They used various resource books in order to enrich their knowledge.
Inquiry in the class is much more structure because of the “skim and scan” method. It has made students independent in finding out the relevant information in the given time.
These frequent inquiry in the classroom develops the research skills of the learners.
Students learnt about the various habitats which include:

1.      Terrestrial

2.      Aquatic

3.      Aerial

4.      Arboreal

5.      Polar

My reflection on the field trip to the Zoo

Today was my first field trip of grade 4. I learnt about adaptations of different animals. I saw animals like giraffes, baboons, tigers and peacocks. I enjoyed looking at different creatures. Some looked really funny to me. I saw some monkeys with long legs which help them jump from tree to tree. Flamingos and herons have long necks and beaks which help them catch and eat fish. Hippos can't stand the heat so they stay in the water for a lot of time. I was excited seeing all these animals and their adaptations. After some hours of walking we got back into the bus and came back to school, tired but enlightened!
                                                                                                         Jia Knot- IV E

Importance of Script Reading in Drama

During the Drama session, students of grades 1 to 4 had a script reading session. They learnt the importance of script reading. Script reading is the first step to understand a “Play”.  Before starting rehearsal of any play actors always have many rounds of script reading to understand the plot, characters, inner meaning of story.  Dramatic literature presents several challenges to a student, making the reading experience different than poetry or fiction.  A Play reading can be a moving literary experience. Students had a great time during script reading sessions and participated enthusiastically and developed their reading and listening skills.


This week in the ICT lab

“We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world.” – David Warlick
The students of Grade 2 show their creativity using colors and different shapes using paint tools. The enthusiastic students of grade 5 had a pre-assessment in MS Word. They were assessed based on the given criteria. The learners showed the ICT skills acquired in previous year.

Cricket for Grade-2

Cricket has been  introduced for the first time to the students of grade 2. The students showed their enthusiasm and participated actively in learning basic cricket skills.



Krishna Dev CAS Secretary 5E

It was the Sixteenth of July 2014; I was very excited and proud to get my Prefect Badge pinned. Later in the morning we had the investiture ceremony. I was very curious to know what Prefect I was. When my name was called out I got to know that I was the CAS secretary I was really happy about getting one of the main prefect responsibilities. My parents were so proud that I passed all rounds and became a prefect. While taking the pledge and listening to my Vice Principal’s words I felt a sense of pride and responsibility.
I feel very proud to be chosen as a volunteer. I am a representative of class 5E as well. The Investiture Ceremony day has been the most special day of my Junior school year’s life since both my parents could see me become a leader for the first time. When I was in the lower grades, I had always looked up to the 5th graders who were prefects/volunteers and wanted to be like them. It takes a lot of courage and leadership to earn this opportunity. I am ready to take this responsibility and I will do my best to set a good example for the lower grades and help the school maintain the school culture.    By Nila Chakravarthy 5E  
This was a wonderful day in my life and I will endeavor to be a good prefect and make sure Oakridge students uphold its values and principles.




Grade 5- Investiture ceremony- Reflection of Anjali (CAS secretary)

I felt really happy when I got selected for being a prefect. Being a prefect, I will be responsible and I will be helpful .I will cooperate with my mates .I will help all the students and fulfil all the duties and responsibilities given to me. I will work hard and be a role model for others.


Grade 5- Investiture ceremony- Head Girl speaks…

After becoming the junior school head girl, my responsibilities have grown more. I think being the head girl; I can be a better and more responsible person. I want to make my junior school grow more and see to it that all the students excel in their field. I feel very proud of myself that I have been given the duty to look after my school, which is my second home and I am extremely happy for myself.
                                        Navya Nair ( V-J )


Grade 5- Investiture ceremony- Reflection of class representative

I am very proud to be a volunteer. I will help the head boy and the head girl in all the possible ways. I will maintain discipline in the class. I will try my best to make the junior school better and be responsible and discharge all my duties efficiently. I will not let down my teacher and friends who have selected me for this post.
                          Mujtaba Alam Khan-5J

A Day I can never forget – Pavani Chandana

I and my few friends were the lucky ones to get elected as prefects and volunteers for junior school. I became a volunteer with my teacher and my friends support. On July 15th we had our investiture ceremony. The vice principals and the coordinators and teachers graced the occasion. Parents of the selected children were also invited to the ceremony. All of 4th and 5th graders were present there in the event. It was so exciting.  The vice principle read the oath to us after giving away the badges my parents were proud of me and I was very happy. I promised myself that I would be a good role model to the other students and make them all the ambassadors of Oakridge International School. This was a day I can never forget in my entire life. 
Pavani chandana.

Investiture Ceremony – Grade VB

Shreeya Sareddy, Sports Captain
I felt really happy, honored and proud to be selected to the prefect council. It is one of the best rewards I received so far for putting in the time to study and pay attention at school. I look forward to learning from my other council members and serving my fellow students to the best of my abilities. Go team!!!
Reflection by Sree Garapati, Class Representative of Class VB
Recently I was selected as volunteer and so I becamethe part of School Prefect Council.
It's an honour to be selected as Class Volunteer as, it gives me an opportunity to represent the class and help the school function by rules.
Becoming a Prefect wasn't easy as I have to go through various tests like debates and speeches.
So far it has been a exciting start for me and looking forward to keep up with everything.
I like to thank my teacher Ms. Kavitha and everyone involved for giving me this opportunity"

Students Reflected on their learning- Grade IV

It is said that “well begun is half done”.  On that note the topic “Adaptation” is successfully completing the third week and the rigorous assessment is the best way to assess the student’s learnings so far and check if they are ready for the summative assessments as well.
Adaptive Feature
Name of the Animal/Plant
Type of Adaptation (physical/ Behavioural)
Natural Habitat
Based on the above criteria students were assessed about their understanding of plants and animals adaptive features and their respective habitats.
These assessments help the teachers to get the required learning outcome from the assigned learning engagements.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Grade 5G (Investiture Ceremony)

Reflections of Fatema: Studco President
Wow, I am a Studco President of my school. During the ceremony, I was always smiling and a little bit shy. The best part was when I was getting my badge and sashes. I felt very proud of myself and I think I can make a difference to the school. I would like to guide everyone and make this school a better place to study.
Reflections of Moksha:  Volunteer
16th of July is the best day of my life. My mom came for the Investiture ceremony. At a young age being a volunteer is a big thing to me. I am eagerly waiting for my duty to start.


Class Representative – V A

Being a volunteer and class representative of V A, I was very excited about the Investiture ceremony.  I was looking forward to wearing the badge of a volunteer. I felt really proud of myself at that moment. As a volunteer I want to help maintain discipline in the school. Also, I want to help my classmates and friends being truthful and caring towards others.
                          By Khushi Kamtam- V A


Investiture Ceremony- Head Boy

On 16th July, the prefects of the junior school were selected after a rigorous selection procedure. I was elected as Head Boy. I was very nervous about the prefects march; there were butterflies in my stomach.  Soon, the time came for the march and I was called on stage. I was presented with a badge and a sash. I felt proud of myself. As the head boy of junior school, I will do my best. I will perform all the duties to the best of my abilities.
                         --By Spandan Das V A


The Junior school Investiture ceremony 2014-15

On  16-7-14, in the MPH, the new batch of junior school leaders was formally inducted into the prefect council and were introduced to the junior school. The head boy is Spandan from 5-A and head girl was Navya from 5-J. The prefects and class representatives from 5-C were Aryan Sai Bandi, the cultural secretary and Trisha Reddy Palle the 5-C class representative. At the ceremony, when they marched in, they all were in white and black attire, and were ready to be formally introduced. Dramatic music played and the Vice –Principals of our school put sashes on the prefects and volunteers. It was a magnifying moment indeed.
Significantly, their introduction with a picture, and to top it their accomplishments and what they were good at were shared with the audience. After the ceremony they were welcomed warmly into their respective classes. 


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Grade 5- Investiture Ceremony- Reflections of Ashritha, Cultural Secretary

I felt so proud today! It is a great opportunity for me and I am very happy to have made my parents proud. Usually my dad does not get a day off from the office and to visit my school seldom. But today he came just to watch me to take on a new role. Today was indeed the best day of my school life.
I have been appointed as the Cultural Secretary of the school. I know, as a young leader, I can do a lot for my school. I have some amazing ideas and I am eagerly waiting to share them with our Coordinator. I will surely make a difference in my school.