Monday, July 28, 2014

Impact of Human Interaction with Environment

Today in our UOI class, for our third line of inquiry, our teacher read a story to us. It was about a river and the title was ‘ A river ran wild’ . In the story, at the beginning, there was a beautiful river full of natural resources flowing very freely. As the story progressed, few people settled in the forest near the bank of the river. They started making homes, boats with the wood by cutting trees. They started throwing waste into the water and the river got polluted.  The plant and animal life started getting affected because of the industrial waste from the factories built besides the lake. After a few years, people realised their mistake and cleaned up the river and it again became a clean river full of life. Through this we realized the importance of our natural resources and also how we humans can adversely impact the environment. It is our responsibility to conserve the environment by judiciously utilizing its resources. It was a great learning for all of us. We will from today, do our best and not waste water or any other natural resource.
   Chandiri Sarayu


Sanskrit Guest Lecture

अभिवादनशीलस्य नीत्यम्  वृद्धोपसेविनः |                                           चत्वारि तस्य वर्धन्ते आयुर्विद्या यशोबलम् ||

The person who is always polite and always serves the elders, the four things –age, knowledge, fame and strength will always increase.
On 24th July 2014, we had a guest lecture on Sanskrit and its relevance with science by Mr.Narhar Deo. We understand many concepts about Sanskrit, such as the meaning of names, the numerical system, the introduction of zero, and many other concepts. He gave a chance for children to ask him the meaning of their names, and everyone was impressed at the fact that he could translate all their names that were in Sanskrit into English meaning .The guest lecture was very captivating and interesting. Our guest Mr. Deo had taught us the importance of elders, ashrams, rishis, and much more. He taught us how the name ‘Bharat’ came, ‘Bhah’ means pure and ‘Rat’ means knowledge, thus Purity of Knowledge and one’s self is the basic moral of India. He had told us that we should wake up and try to learn or understand the vast language of Sanskrit. He talked about the different scriptures or lipis and how Sanskrit words came into the other language.
We think that everyone should have knowledge of Sanskrit language also.
Rahul (VIII-B)  & Sahib (X-C)

Inter House Drama Competition

The Inter house drama competition was held on 22 July 2014 under the following categories:

·        Skit for category A which involved grade 6,7,8. The theme of the Skit was Population or Needs Vs Wants.

·        Mad Ads for category B which involved grade 9 & 10 students. The theme of Mad Ads was Safe Driving
Teamwork is most important in drama performance. The participants experienced the OIS spirit of creating social capital with reciprocity and mutual help, which are key in building a caring community. Moreover, through the research during the play writing process, all students involved in the competition learnt more about social capital and how it benefits the community.
For the first time this competition was conducted. Officiating at the event as a judge, the senior school drama teacher Mr. Narinder commended the enthusiastic participation of the students in bringing out the concept of social capital through their plays.
All the performances were creative and diverse in nature. Rabindranth Tagore house stood first in Mad Ads followed by Amartya Sen and Mother Teresa.

Amartya Sen house stood first in the Skit competition for their outstanding performance. The overall Championship Award for the inter house drama competition was awarded to Amartya Sen House.

United We Stand... Divided we fall

In order to foster the team building skills in the children a class activity was carried out. The class was divided into groups and each of the group was given 15 straws and some tape. The task was to make a net using the given material. The net should be designed in a manner so as to hold a paper ball of the size of the same size as a golf ball.  The students were alloted 10 minutes for the task. One team was successful in the process and others were close to finish. All the teams reflected on their work process and concluded that Planning of the work Division of work and Collaboration is most important for successful completion of the job.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Life cycle of a plant

A simple seed,                                                                                          
Pure with life,
As it starts to germinate,
It starts its life.

A baby plant,
Starting to grow,
Photosynthesis is now happening,
Thanks to the roots, it grows.

A teen it is,
From head to toe,
A flower blooms,
To see the show.

The insects take my pollen grains,
And travel with my friend,
And it shouts her name,
“I’ll help you today to grow strong and right.

My ovary starts a fruit inside,
I grow weak and old and weird inside,
My petals wither beautiful not,
My fruit falls and smash it drops.

A seed pop out,
Of the fruit in time,
My life can move on,
To either side.

It starts to grow,
My eyes fill with gleam,
And how my day has come,
To fall asleep forever seem.

And since my life,
Been a sight to see,
In heaven’s grasp,
My memories shall last to be.

By Shreya Gadiraju
Grade V K

Final Perfect of 5H

Being a Volunteer
My name is Sahana Sateesh.  I am one of the newly chosen volunteers of the junior school at Oakridge’s Newton Campus. The junior school is comprised of grades 1 to 5. The investiture ceremony made me feel proud of who I am and it was also a lot of fun. From the moment we marched down the middle aisle to the stage till the time my name was called and I was given my badge I felt proud. This meant that I was becoming a leader and a role model. My parents came to the ceremony and they were equally proud of me. At the ceremony, we also took the Oakridge pledge to perform our duties sincerely. Along with the position of a volunteer comes a lot of responsibility and duties. Becoming a volunteer was not that easy, you have to be elected by your classmates and class teacher with votes. I learnt that one has to have all the right profiles and attitudes in order to be chosen as a volunteer.  As of today, I have been a volunteer for just one day and I like it a lot. I, along with a few other volunteers, and Prefects maintain discipline in junior school. We also make sure that wastage of food is significantly reduced in the lunch hall, and a timely and orderly dispersal. Our duties also include attending meetings, planning for various activities and helping the teacher as well as the Prefect council. As a volunteer, I want to maintain discipline and reduce the wastage of food and make the Junior School on the Newton campus the best.
My Experience of Becoming a Prefect
I was new to the school and the school was new to me. I was happy that I would meet new friends and new teachers. I started getting adjusted to the new school and also the new environment and it was a very nice experience for me. One day, there was a discussion that the prefects were being selected. First, I didn't know what a prefect is and then my mom explained about the same to me. Prefects were basically the heads of the primary school. Eventually, also got to know about the selection process. I gave my name for the selections, which were about to happen. There were various rounds for the selection of a prefect. In the first round, I had to speak about the word ‘tolerance’ for one minute. The next round consisted of speaking to the teacher on, how could we make school events more interesting.I qualified in both the rounds and moved to the next round which was random interaction with other coordinators. After all these qualifying rounds, the final round was to speak and interact with our grade coordinator and activity coordinators. After all these rounds, the wait was over, and the names of the prefect committee were announced. I was immensely happy that I was a part of it. The posts were still not revealed to us, and we were to get it as a surprise on the day of the Investiture Ceremony. The grand preparation and rehearsals for the ceremony began and we practiced for the march past. Finally the day arrived when the posts were to be given to us in front of all the audience. We were very excited, got dressed in formals and came for the ceremony. All the parents of the prefects were invited.The students of 4th and 5th were present to witness the grand ceremony and their newly appointed leaders. The Vice-Principal spoke about the ceremony and our names were announced in our posts by our teachers. The badges were pinned to our shirts by the honorary delegates. It was a proud moment for me, my teacher, my parents and friends too. I was conferred the sports captain post and when the ceremony was over we had an individual picture with our parents and teachers. Now, my new role as a prefect and a sports Captain has begun and I have pledged that I will do my duties to the best of my abilities. I thank all my teachers and coordinators for supporting me and trusting me that I can deliver my duties well.

The Middle School MUN experience....

Oakridge Newton campus hosted its Second Edition of the Junior MUN on 25 July 2014. The event witnessed a large number of young delegates from Grades 6,7 and 8 who had come all prepared to deliberate on international policy decisions. Going by the quality of the debate in the committees, these youngsters are a testimony to being leaders of a different world. 
The event was inaugurated by Mr.Nagaprasad Tummala, Chairman, People Combine Group. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Nagaprasad reiterated that such conferences are an excellent platform to inspire children to take on the reins of the ever changing dynamic world. Mr.Nagaprasad. The Chief Guest also presented gavels to the Directors of the committees and declared the conference open. 


School Team

28. St.Pauls Annual State Ranking
Inter School Table Tennis Tournament,
From 25 July To 27 July At St .Pauls Acemedy

The Following Are The Students Are Selected For The Inter School T.T Tournmaent.

 Senior School Team

Students Name
Class  & Section
Harsh Lohati
Siddanth Lohiya
Kalash Gupta

                                                          Junior School Team

 Students Name
Class And Section
Kshittij  Malloani
Prakhik Gunturu
Arnay Konijeti

Curriculum day (Parent’s reflection)

Last year my daughter joined the school in mid-session so I was completely unaware of curriculum day. This year when I attended the curriculum day I feel it is really helpful for the parents to understand how the teachers make the students to learn with different approaches.
I liked the concept of number grid and how it was made known to the parents so we could assist them to understand better.
Liked the way and the effort put forward by the teachers to make us understand the issues the kids face while writing and also like the approach being taken by the school to do in phases.

It would have been even more enlightening if the sessions were also on second language and other activities.
Overall it was a very nice experience. I would like to conclude by saying this “learning is effective only if it’s done in easier way”.

Senior School Selections Trails

Oakridge international school newton campus conducted selections for the inter school tournaments for boys and girls from grade-6to 12th in different activities like cricket, Basketball, soccer, Lawn tennis, table tennis, Swimming and throw ball in different age levels U-14, U-17 and U-19, large number of students participated in the selections.


Senior School Selections Trails

Oakridge international school newton campus conducted selections for the inter school tournaments for boys and girls from  grade-6to 12th  in different activities like cricket, Basketball, soccer, Lawn tennis, table tennis, Swimming and throw ball in different age levels U-14,U-17 and U-19,large number of students participated in the selections.


Team Bonding

The teachers  of Activity team and ICT team came forward for a friendly cricket match on 19 July 2014.  Ms. Sreesha and Ms. Manasa took up the role of captains of the two teams. The teachers played with great enthusiasm and enjoyed the match.The weather was beautiful too and added to the fun quotient.


Instrumental Music Classes

Instrumental  music classes for students in grades  4 and 5 started with great enthusiasm in students. They were  excited  and curious to see, touch and feel their  favorite instruments. Introduction, parts, finger positions, holding, maintaining of the instruments  and responsibility of a student in taking care of the instrument, were  some of the learnings that happened in their initial classes.
IRA DHAMNE  [IVD]: We have learnt the parts of the GUITAR and also  we learnt the technique of remembering the notes on the staff. 
YASHWA SHAH [IV D]: Now I am able to identify notes on KEY BOARD and also the lines and spaces in the staff.  I learnt how hold the bow  parts of VIOLIN.I liked the class and I enjoyed it. RIDDHI DUBE IV J
SHIKHAR [IVD]: TABLA is a very interesting instrument. I learnt bol’s in tabla, sitting and  finger positions.
RISHAN PONNA [V E]: I learned the names of the string  parts of the guitar  and also a number of  friends.

Elements of story –Grade IV

Students of grade IV are learning Elements of Story. They are reading different stories and tries to identify the below elements of a story. And these are
Character: A character is a person, or sometimes even an animal, who takes part in the action of a short story or other literary work.
Setting: The setting of a short story is the time and place in which it happens. Authors often use descriptions of landscape, scenery, buildings, seasons or weather to provide a strong sense of setting.
Plot: A plot is a series of events and character actions that relate to the central conflict.
Conflict: The conflict is a struggle between two people or things in a short story. The main character is usually on one side of the central conflict.
On the other side, the main character may struggle against another important character, against the forces of nature, against society, or even against something inside himself or herself (feelings, emotions, illness).
Theme: The theme is the central idea or belief in a short story.

Tigers and Their Protection

Students learnt about endangered species tigers in WWF website world’s largest tiger populations is found in the Sundarbans—a large mangrove forest area shared by India and Bangladesh on the northern coast of the Indian Ocean. This area harbors Bengal tigers and protects coastal regions from storm surges and wind damage. However, rising sea levels caused by climate change threaten to wipe out these forests and the last remaining habitat of this tiger population.