Monday, April 21, 2014

A Presentation on the University of British Columbia

On April 11, 2014, Ms. Maneesha Gorti (College Advisor) organized a Presentation on the University of British Columbia that was presented by Hakan Bjorn for current XII Grade IBDP and CBSE students.

About the University of British Columbia
Located in the gorgeous city of Vancouver, the University of British Columbia (UBC), established in 1908, is one of Canada’s leading research universities. It has consistently been ranked amongst the Top 40 in the world. 

Students’ Reflections
UBC's location plays a major role in the students’ lives on-campus, seeing as it is just around the corner of breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains and 30 minutes away from the hub of the city, which is filled with a wide range of internships and learning opportunities. Ranked amongst top names such as Stanford and Yale, UBC's research facility is unlike any other and holds great prestige all over Western Canada. This university is also distinguished for having the most number of varied international students. After attending UBC's orientation, I definitely believe that it is an opportunity well worth considering. 
Amandha Goriparthi – Grade XII-IB

As a student aspiring to study sustainability, the visit from UBC was pretty fascinating. UBC’s programmes are of a wide variety and I found quite a few of them interesting. The location of the university, the schemes, and the environment — it's all perfect for a person like me, really. I'd always considered this university as one I'd be applying to and I'm even more enthusiastic about it after the university presentation at our school.
Vibhawari Jammi – Grade XII-IB

PP2’s Graduation Day

Graduation Day was held on April 16, 2014 — it is a day to cherish and celebrate all the achievements our students have made thus far in school. Whether you call it graduation day, moving up day, or recognition day, this is a day to honour and celebrate our students moving on to primary level. 

The beautiful morning began with a welcome speech and a song by Grade 1 students. The next step was designed by Grade 1 teachers to enlighten the parents for a smooth transition of PP2 to Grade 1.

The students came in their little black gowns and hats and took the stage along with their class teachers, which filled a sense of pride in their achievement and excitement. There’s a lovely and emotional moment in the ceremony where you give a round of applause to family, friends and teachers who have helped to get you to that point. 

Prize Day @ Junior School

The Prize Day celebration is a much-awaited event for Oakridgers — it is the time to cherish the moments of hard work and effort. The Amphitheater was packed with parents and children (PP and Grade 3). A sense of curiosity, excitement, and competition among the students was very evident. 

Students received awards and certificates for their excellence in academics, cultural events and sports (PAT, 100% attendance, Best Profile, etc.). Their overall participation throughout the year was acknowledged and celebrated with a lot of splendor and show.

The students said that they were very happy and felt encouraged to take part in more competitions. The Prize Day keeps motivating them to participate with great enthusiasm in various activities.

The Prize Day witnessed a group of beaming boys and girls walking up with pride to collect their prizes — it was a memorable experience for everyone. The program was very well appreciated by the students, parents, and faculty at Oakridge.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Formative Assessment Activity — Autobiography Integration

As part of the Formative Assessment RAFT activity in the PYP Exhibition, Food Adulteration Group, I chose to write the diary entry of milk, integrating the language art skills of autobiography writing with the PYP topic. This was very well appreciated by my mentor.

The Milk Dairies

Today, I woke up in the farmer’s can. While I swished around excitedly in the can, I wondered where I would end up after going out of the milk factory — a baby’s bottle, a milkshake, or tea. The farmer dropped me in the factory and left. Then, I was carried on a conveyor belt to a room. The room suddenly started getting hot and then back to room temperature. Soon, it started becoming cold and I was shivering. I realized that I was just pasteurized. I felt so clean! 

Then, I was immediately packaged and put in a truck. In the middle of the long journey, someone opened my packaging and poured some cold liquid into me and then used a small machine to seal me again. I was terrified. I just hope I was only adulterated with water or starch, not synthetic milk, urea or formalin. I hope no baby will drink me and I will be bought by someone who knows how to test me. 

I woke up in a freezer. A man walked towards the freezer, opened it, and took me out. He paid some money to the shopkeeper and took me to a building. He walked with me into a lab, poured some chemicals into me, and stirred me. Nothing happened. So he took another sample of me and boiled it — it started turning yellow. He called another scientist and announced, “Synthetic milk. Let’s write to consumer affairs.” I was glad that nobody drank me. 

Nikita Boddapati – Grade VI A

Poem on Food Adulteration

This is a poem I wrote about my PYP Exhibition topic. I was proud of the fact that I was a risk-taker in doing this task without any preparation in a short span of time.

Mixing nasty things in food,
Why do you have to be so rude?
I mix things in food for profit,
No harm in just cheating a bit!                                                                
But your mean tricks cause tumor,
Obesity, asthma and high blood pressure.
We can stand up against you together,
And put you in jail for ever and ever.
Don’t get fooled by these cheats,
Learn about their dirty tricks.
These are the marks to look for before you buy!

Nikita Boddapati – Grade VI A