Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Students of 5E engaged in their summative assessment

Students of 5E engaged in their summative assessment after the unit Government.  They present their ideas on what type of government would they form and why?
HRT Maliha


Grade X Assessment of Speaking and Listening-2014

The Assessment of Speaking and Listening (ASL) as introduced by CBSE since Sept 2012 was once again conducted for the Summative 1 Exams of Grade X on 10th September 2014 in the MPH between 10.00-11.00AM.
Students across the grade numbering about 160 appeared for the exam. There were 4 recorded tasks which were played twice and the students had prior time to go through the questions of each task and attempt the questions after hearing the audio. Students were provided with question papers mentioning the tasks before the start of the exam.
The assessment was conducted smoothly with teachers monitoring the students.  


Monday, September 22, 2014

CAS Report of 8H

Grade 8H went to  a CAS (Creativity and Service) trip to Joyland  school on the 17th of September 2014. The class teacher Ms. Sonia accompanied the class. We started at 9.05  A.M. from our school and we reached around 9.40A.M. We were given 3 classes 6th,7th and 8th. The children were distributed in 3 groups and they taught English grammar, Science, Art and Dance. They were very happy to learn dance and they also enjoyed art. At 10.45am.  The students were taken to the ground and each group played with them. They also taught them basketball and soccer. Abhinav  Gogineni donated a basketball when he came to know that the Joyland school doesn’t provide basketball to the children. They distributed  sweets to all the children of Grade 6,7 and 8 and some pens and stickers who played well in soccer and basketball. We started at 11.20 and we were back to school at 12.45.
Reflections by Grade 8H:

1.      It made me happy that we were helping them out. I thought how fortunate I am going to an International school. It was a fun experience that  opened my eyes and I would love to go back. - Deeksha-8
2.      We had a good time. We understood how we disturb our teachers every day. We taught them how to play basketball and I was touched when they told they don’t have basketball to play so I donated my basketball to the school. - Abhinav Gogineni -8H                                                     

3.      I learnt  how to share and how difficult it is to teach and surely this experience will make  me a better person. Thank you for letting us go through this experience. - Sarani Oddiraju – 8H


CAS visit by IX H

On Tuesday, September 16th, 2014, Section IX-H of IGCSE went to go visit a government school for CAS. The government school, we went to was Pradamika Patasala. We were split up into groups for different grades to teach them. My group consisted of 3 people. We taught the 3rd grade class. We could teach each class whatever subject we wanted to, my group taught the 3rd graders mathematics. This experience was very different and showed me a different side of the world. There was a vast difference between the kids attitude, lifestyle, etc. in the government school as compared to students in Oakridge, and other international schools. It was extremely fun being a teacher for a few hours. When my group and I put up problems on the board, it was a pleasure seeing the students' enthusiasm in solving and answering the questions. A few kids were calm and polite, while others were naughty, but every single student gave a warm welcome. After my class teacher had announced that it was time to leave, I felt a bit sad thinking why not a few more hours because it was great to be teaching those kids. When I got on the bus, the kids that I had taught came outside and waved goodbye. I thought it was so sweet of them to do so. Overall, this experience made me proud of what I did and also made me see how there are different aspects of the world. 

Grade 6th Learners

Grade 6th learners did a collaborative work of making a chart of their own choice and presenting it in their respective groups.

Guest lecture by Mr. Saral Talwar, Parent of Grade2

Knowledge becomes all the more concrete when gained at first hand. Our unit based on the theme-“How we organise ourselves” was taken to a different level by our esteemed guest Mr Saral Talwar. He deals in cars. As per our central idea, he made the little learners aware of how the transportation system especially private transport is organised. He shared a wonderful presentation which helped the learners understand how the system works from the manufacturing of cars to making them available to the customer. He shared the details of its form by bring it to the child’s level.
Students could relate to the concept of network with the way he explained the role of RTA. We were also updated about certain changes that are expected to be implemented in near future.
In a nutshell it was a very informative session which provoked the learners and answered all of their quires.



Our Class Routine: Rotational Activity

Wow! What a sight it was? The learners of 3C were all engrossed in the rotational task .They moved enthusiastically from one station to another at the buzz of the timer.This weekly routine “Rotational Activity” enhances the concept learnt in that week and also develops time management skills. In this process they become confident and independent. The commitment of the learners towards their learning was worth watching.


Visit to Ambulance

The visit to the ambulance was very exciting for the 2nd graders. Thanks to Dr.V.R.K women’s college for sending the ambulance which really enhanced the knowledge of the little learners about the emergency vehicle systems as part of the ongoing unit on Transport. They saw the various things inside an ambulance and explored the emergency medicines on board. It was a good hands on experience for the children and brought the lessons learnt in the classroom to life.

Parent as para-professional

The jitter of having a parent in the class is quite common amongst teachers. But this feeling was finally over when me and my bunch of 25 kids spent a half day with a parent in the class accompanied with learning in a creative way. It was the kick-start of “Parent as Para-professional.”
To sum up the experience, the children felt cosy to have a visitor in the class and it was a smooth sail for learning in an interactive way. The memory that the parent carried was “learning in an innovative way.”

Activity on Parallel Lines

In VB’s activity on Parallel lines, we had a paper folded to make 4 columns. Our task was to find out whether the line marking the start of the column and the line marking the end of the column was equal. So, we made two dots on the first line and two dots on the second line. We then took the first dot from the first line and the first dot from the second line and measured the distance between them. We also measured the second dot from the first line and the second dot from the second line and measured the distance between them. We found out that both our measurements were of the same length. This was a demonstration of parallel lines. - Ratnam VB


IBDP student's achievements

Rhea Cheeti of IBDP Grade XII has won Gold in the Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition, and is one of the 12 people in India chosen for this award. This is an international competition with more than 9,500 entries and participants from 45 Commonwealth countries and regions. 
The main theme of this year's competition was 'Team Commonwealth', in light of the XX Commonwealth Games and the spirit of friendship between the Commonwealth nations. The essay prompts touched upon subjects such as ethics, human rights, unity and teamwork.


Dance- Grade 3

In connection with their unit of inquiry on “Land forms”, students of Grade 3 watched PPT on different dance styles prominent in various areas like: beaches, deserts, valleys and plains, and presented few steps of particular dance form to their peers in groups with focus on coordination and group dynamics. 

Library Culture Award

On 16th September we the class of 5F got an award for the best library culture. We got the award for being a really good class in the library period and not only for following all the essential agreements in library but also for returning the borrowed books regularly, being silent while reading, arranging the rack properly by putting the books in its proper place. We were given this award by our teacher Mrs. Veena and our H.M. As a class we all felt good for our sir as this is his second time getting the award. I felt really good for our class and our dear Pratik sir. We shall continue with the good work and bring accolades to our class.
Rafaan Hyder- 5F



Guest lecture on Homes

As a part of our Unit of Inquiry ‘Homes’ we had a guest lecture by the  parent of our class Ms.Anees mother of Aasim where students of PP2C gathered knowledge about  unique homes through interactive session,little inquirers posed lots of questions like
 ‘Why glass house is not safe’??
Why we cannot live in caves??
What are the difficulties faced in boat house???
And tried to answer to their peers through dicussions.

Fold N Flaunt

Geometry – lines, curves, shapes and more! Today Class 5-B implemented a simple paper-folding activity to demonstrate that parallel lines are equidistant from one another. Lines apart, it is not unknown that parallel lines don’t meet even if extended indefinitely. So today’s activity hence proved along the creases that parallel lines lie at an equal distance from one another. The stepping stone to geometry was a success – there’s a long way to go! – Kavitha Sanjeev


Yoga Session

Peaceful mind, good health, weight loss, a strong flexible body and a glowing beautiful skin, whatever you may be looking for, YOGA is the ultimate answer.
The first Yoga session for the teachers of grade 7 & 8 CBSE segment was conducted today, i.e. Saturday 20 September 2014 between 8:30 am to 10:00 am by Ms Mani our senior school Yoga teacher. She enlightened the teachers with the importance of Yoga and its benefits followed by yogasans like Surya namaskar, Vajrasan, Ushtrasan, Dhanurasan, Bhujanasan, Shalabasan etc.
However, very often, yoga is only partially understood as being limited to asanas (yoga poses), but Yoga practice helps develop the body and mind bringing a lot of health benefits. When you are in harmony, the journey through life is calmer, happier and more fulfilling. It is important to learn and practice yoga postures under the supervision of a trained teacher always.
Excel yourself from ordinary to extraordinary through YOGA

PP1’s exploring about colours

This week we have started with our  new unit “colors can be used and interpreted in  a variety of ways” under the theme “How we express ourselves”  by using different strategies and techniques  like going to nature walk,  discussing  stories related to colors and sorting objects. The children were very excited  while exploring different colors around them.  Pre-assessment was also done as this allows the teacher to get an insight on  the  prior knowledge of the students  to discover what is already known to them. To further develop their understanding of colors, students worked in groups to explore the concepts of sorting different colours.