Saturday, April 19, 2014

Student’s Reflection: CAS Activity at Radha Kishan Homes

On the 13th of April, I wholeheartedly participated in a CAS activity held at Radha Kishan Homes. During the activity, I served lunch to the children staying at the orphanage. All of them were very organized: They got their plates and cutlery and sat at their respective places. They were so systematic! Not even one kid complained or cried about anything.

It was such a joyous moment to see hundreds of children smiling and thanking you when you serve them — it was a never-to-miss moment! I am looking forward to participate in more CAS activities.

Maanav Khaitan – Grade VI H

Student’s Reflection: Lemonade to beat the Summer!!

What is the first thing that you want to do as soon as you come back home in the summer? You feel like having a good cool drink for getting relaxed and reenergized, right? Well, then I think whoever may have been to the Grade 2 lemonade stand must have had full energy for the rest of the day. 

The students sold tangy orange, iced tea, lemonade, etc. I was literally dragged to try their lemonade. That was really inspiring — you not only bought a drink but also a smile for someone who is waiting for it!!

Ishaan Chaturvedi – Grade VI G

Student’s Reflection: “A Lavish Fair”

What an awesome chance for the 4th Graders to showcase their talent in art, mental math, culinary skills, and even in helping the underprivileged. On 11th April, the students of Grade 4 did a wonderful job in selling tempting items to the children of Junior School. The Trade Fair was done as a task for Summative Assessment. The prices of the items were also quite reasonable. Even though the duration was only half an hour, my fellow classmates liked it so much that they would stay there forever! 

While some students improved their math skills by acting as cashiers during the Trade Fair, some who were good at art made drawings, paintings, cards and many other such decorative items. I think that this year’s Trade Fair was not only good for the students who improved their trading skills, but also for the underprivileged children who will benefit from the money collected by the students.

Maanav Khaitan – Grade 6H

My Year-end Reflection

For me, this academic year leads to another astounding year at my school. The academic year 2013-14 at Oakridge offered me numerous opportunities in which I could excel.

We had remarkable guest lectures and field trips in sync with our PYP Exhibition and POI topics. There were several field trips that captivated me; To name a few, we went on a very interactive and engaging field trip to Ms. Shalini Badruka’s house during our PYP Exhibition (in relation to the topic “Food Adulteration”) to gain knowledge on organic food. We also went to a Dairy Farm, once again in relation to our PYP Exhibition — it was great to learn about the process of packaging milk and other dairy products.

We also went to Salarjung Museum to advance our knowledge about our POI topic “Culture.” The visit enthralled me immensely. After each POI topic, we had extremely interesting Summative Assessments — each group presented itself wonderfully and everyone paid rapt attention.

This year, we had great non-academic activities such as the “Internship” through which the students were given a chance to go on a hunt for the perfect occupation. The task stated that we were to spend a day or two with a person who had the career that interested us — this helped us get a clearer view of our future.

As our school’s tradition, we celebrated the Founder’s Day, which was awaited very enthusiastically by students and teachers alike. And of course, the PYP Exhibition that was the most-awaited event by Grade 6 students. It received high-spirited and positive responses from teachers, students and parents. 

Just as each year, a few selected students from Grades 4, 5 and 6 were chosen to be a part of the PAT program. PAT enhances our logical thinking skills and helps us to think out of the box. We recently had the PAT showcase for parents who greatly appreciated the innovative program. We, the students of PAT as well as the teachers, put in a lot of effort to make this show a success.

For CAS, the students of Grade 2 took up a great initiative of organizing a beverage stall. The students of Grade 4 held a wonderful Trade Fair! There were many people, buying things and playing games; but most of all, having a great time. The students’ efforts definitely paid off as everyone enjoyed a lot.

So, one more year ends with a bang!!

Manya – Grade 6F

Book Review: Esperanza Rising

The best book I read this year is definitely ‘Esperanza Rising’ by Pam Muñoz Ryan (A book recommended for Grade VI Reading Program). It is about the life of a rich girl who lived in Mexico but suddenly had to escape to the United States with her mother and start life from scratch as a farm worker.

The story is about how the girl adapts to the changes and grows into a responsible child who takes care of her sick mother. Esperanza means hope in Spanish and the little girl is hopeful through all her troubles. The book tells us about the life of immigrant farm workers in California during the Great Depression. It also gives us details of Mexican culture, language and food. I could relate this to our UOI Units of Currency Systems and Culture around the World. I was also very enthusiastic to read all the Spanish words in the book.

Another interesting part of the book was how Esperanza teaches Isabel to make a yarn doll. I made one myself with the help of my mom and even designed clothes for it.

Nikita Boddapati – Grade VI-A