Friday, September 12, 2014

A Goodie Goodie Day for Oakridgers

Oakchamp  is an initiative aimed at the holistic development of the junior and senior school students by awarding them.Students’ participation in activities is recorded and maintained by the students themselves in their portfolios. Based on the evidence in the portfolios their mentors award them with points. 5 top scorers at the end of the academic year are given the title of Oakchamp and are rewarded with a fully sponsored international trip.
On 31 October 2014 the Oakchamps  Manav Khaitan, Tanvi Lakhtakia, Amita Gondi, Ahalya Rajagopalan & Ritwik Gunturu  will be going on an International trip to Dubai for 4 days.
Apart from sending 5 students abroad, the Oakchamp program rewards the other students who scored more than 50 points with goodies to appreciate their efforts in maintaining their portfolios.
11 Sept ember 2014 was a day excitement for the senior school students as 147 students across all segments of grades 8 to 11 were taken by surprise when the VPs and the coordinators walked in their classrooms with a basket full of goodies. The students who were rewarded were thrilled and their joy knew no bounds when they received the gifts wrapped in colourful wrappers. The on looking classmates cheered the winners. The goodies include a set of buzzle pens, compasses, highlighters, telescope, mini lamps, folding clocks, soduko  to name a few.
The students will continue to get surprises like these throughout the year when they maintain their portfolios for 2014-15.


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