Monday, September 22, 2014

CAS visit by IX H

On Tuesday, September 16th, 2014, Section IX-H of IGCSE went to go visit a government school for CAS. The government school, we went to was Pradamika Patasala. We were split up into groups for different grades to teach them. My group consisted of 3 people. We taught the 3rd grade class. We could teach each class whatever subject we wanted to, my group taught the 3rd graders mathematics. This experience was very different and showed me a different side of the world. There was a vast difference between the kids attitude, lifestyle, etc. in the government school as compared to students in Oakridge, and other international schools. It was extremely fun being a teacher for a few hours. When my group and I put up problems on the board, it was a pleasure seeing the students' enthusiasm in solving and answering the questions. A few kids were calm and polite, while others were naughty, but every single student gave a warm welcome. After my class teacher had announced that it was time to leave, I felt a bit sad thinking why not a few more hours because it was great to be teaching those kids. When I got on the bus, the kids that I had taught came outside and waved goodbye. I thought it was so sweet of them to do so. Overall, this experience made me proud of what I did and also made me see how there are different aspects of the world. 

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