Sunday, September 14, 2014

Grand celebrations makes memorable moments by the students of Grade 1

A day with the ones who care the most!!
The students of grade 1 were happy and excited to welcome their grandparent’s to their classroom. It was a moment of happiness and appreciation for the grandparents to walk in to the classrooms of their little grandchildren too. With all smiles and a few with tears of joy, together the loved ones celebrated the day that if full of blessings and lots of love, the Grandparents day!! Each one of them had memories to share.The session of poetry out loud and oak quiz wiz was the most impressive which the grandparents enjoyed  listening to and answering  the questions put on  by their grandchild.
“When I took my little grandchild in my arms I had tears in my eyes and I was proud at the same time that God blessed me with a healthy grandchild”.
“My grandson is just like me, he likes to collect a lot of stuff and store it in his room, just like I like to buy a lot of clothes and store them”.

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