Friday, September 12, 2014

Discussion on Types of Governments

Democracy, Monarchy, Republic.. . .  Do you know what I am leading to? If you have guessed ‘the types of governments’, then you are correct. We, the students of V B, had a discussion on the types of governments. The types of governments talked about being Democracy, Republic, Monarchy, Aristocracy, Dictatorship and Democratic Republic.
The discussion was made even more interesting with trivia:
·        In the parliamentary form of government, the Prime Minister is the most powerful.
·        In the presidential form of government, the President is the most powerful.
·        In the federal form of government, powers are distributed between the central and state governments.
·        In the unitary form of government, powers are vested in the central authority.
·        ‘Bi’ means two.
·        ‘Uni’ means one.
·        The word democracy means ‘rule by the people.’
·        In a republic the people elect representatives to enforce laws.
·        A monarchy is when a king or queen rules the country.
·        Aristocratic rulers are rich and well educated.
·        Very few dictators admit that they are dictators.
All in all, I think this was an informative session.

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