Monday, September 22, 2014

Guest lecture by Mr. Saral Talwar, Parent of Grade2

Knowledge becomes all the more concrete when gained at first hand. Our unit based on the theme-“How we organise ourselves” was taken to a different level by our esteemed guest Mr Saral Talwar. He deals in cars. As per our central idea, he made the little learners aware of how the transportation system especially private transport is organised. He shared a wonderful presentation which helped the learners understand how the system works from the manufacturing of cars to making them available to the customer. He shared the details of its form by bring it to the child’s level.
Students could relate to the concept of network with the way he explained the role of RTA. We were also updated about certain changes that are expected to be implemented in near future.
In a nutshell it was a very informative session which provoked the learners and answered all of their quires.



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