Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rendezvous with the Headmistress, Coordinator and class Moms of Grade 1

lass Moms of Grade 1 were invited for lunch to Newton campus and they enjoyed every bit of their time in Oakridge. A few said its back to School days and a few enjoyed watching their little ones relishing their food and a some of them peeped into the class rooms of their bundle of joy.
The main idea behind this was –just a simple note
“A big thank you for the warmth and cooperation extended by you through the first term it has been our pleasure to have you as our partners, you have left no stone unturned to share equal responsibilities in making our School the best ”
What the moms said-
Thank you so much it was very thoughtful of you all to invite us. Loved being there too
It was interesting to get to know other moms as well thanks Nandini for inviting me
Thanks a lot Ma’am we had a good time in School
Thank you we had a lovely time with the Headmistress and you”
“Enjoyed being in school and now we know what the kids eat and why they always want school lunch”






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