Sunday, September 14, 2014

Teachers Day –Reflection

On September, 5th Friday we celebrated Teachers Day. When I reached my class, guess what we planned… On giving our maam a surprise. We all were  trying  to make the door look beautiful by decorating it with paper chains for a nice welcome.
When  our maam came she entered  the classroom after cutting the ribbon ,we  showered flowers on her, and gave her  chocolates and cakes. Then we cut the cake, a nice yummy chocolate cake, every child’s favorite. Along with the cake we had our yummy food  sharing little with each other.
I thank you god for such a marvelous teacher, who can teach a child to grow up in whatever he wants and reach his or her goal.
Thank you Sreedevi maam for teaching  me about behavior, knowledge, vocabulary and for making  me a responsible child.
Aditya Kollipara


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