Friday, September 12, 2014

“Fantastic Experience”

These were not just passing discoveries - everybody was out of the bus & visited different types of houses. They were there and couldn't stop talking about their field trip. It was wonderful to spend time with class mom Renuka (M/o Aadi) which made learning fun, interesting and exciting. Definitely a "must-do" when visiting the area with the children.
Renuka's mother of Aadi (PP2 D) has shared her lovely experience after joining us for the field trip 
Good Morning Ma'am!
Let me start by thanking you and Ritu ma'am for giving me some of the most memorable moments of my life by making me a part of the field trip on Sept 10, 2014.
I have always believed that the school and teachers are not alone responsible for kids' education, but parents also need to be partners and it is then that we see a holistic growth in the child. I have therefore always tried to be involved in my kids' development, by making sure that I provide my support to the teachers to whatever extent I can, I thank you for this opportunity to accompany the class on this trip!!
The field trip experience was a very beautiful one for me. While I was happy to see my boy, Aadi, enjoying with his friends and at the same time learning from his teachers, it was lovely to see all the other kids accept me so openly and interact with me. Not for a moment did I feel like only Aadi's parent. I felt apart of the Oakridge family.
Kudos to the teachers... The love, care and attention that they give to each and every child, hats off to all of you. I always revered those in the profession of teaching, seeing you all in action in a more uncontrolled environment, my respect for all of you (Ritu ma'am, Prameela ma'am, Naaz ma'am & Shirin ma'am) has increased by many folds. 
The entire concept of teaching the kids types of houses and the material used through visual management is excellent. Being a doctor and then a corporate trainer, I know how seeing something and experiencing it ensures a much better knowledge retention. It was an eye opener to see how much the kids knew already, and how they were able to translate the knowledge that they had received in the class, and asked intelligently and out of the box questions.
Fantastic idea, beautiful experience and  great learning.... thank your teachers, you are amazing. I feel so happy and secured that my kid is with you, as I know you are the only ones except us, the parents, who can take care of them, love them and nurture them the way we would do. God bless you all!!
P.S. A special mention for the Amma's who help take care of the little ones.... they are awesome, thank you!
Three cheers for Ritu ma'am!!


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