Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Introduction to Geometry

Geometry comes from the ancient Greek word geo, which means earth and metron, which means measurement. Geometry can also be known as measurement of the earth. Today, geometry is not only used for measurement but it also has applications in the field of architecture and is used in studying and measuring shapes.  Our class teacher, Ms. Kavitha Sanjeev, taught us the basic elements of geometry on the 16th of September, 2014.The elements we learned about were:
1.      Point
2.      Line
3.      Line Segment
4.      Ray
5.      Plane
6.      Parallel Lines
7.      Intersecting Lines
Of all the elements, I thought planes sounded the most riveting till I found out that these planes could not fly!!! If you want to learn more about ‘rays’ that do not shine, ‘planes’ that do not fly and ‘points’ that do not count, come to VB and talk to us. See you soon. JJ

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