Monday, September 15, 2014


Spoorthi, an initiative by Oakridge International School, is always a thought-provoking program, no matter how many times it is held. This time, it was no different. Despite the relatively small number of participants in both the learning group and the teaching group, this Spoorthi session was memorable and beneficial to both teams.
The children arrived and then were sorted by grade: third and fourth grade were put together, fifth and sixth grade, seventh and eighth grade, and ninth and tenth grade. We then proceeded to teach them briefly in various subjects- science, English, and IT- all while adding Oakridge flair to it. We wanted to provide the children with something unique, an experience they wouldn’t be able to garner in their own schools, and experience to be remembered for a long time. They were treated to a sumptuous and balanced lunch and then they returned to their homes and we to ours.
Neeharika T(IB XI)

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