Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Surprise Surprise… a Beautiful Surprise

5th September was a holiday for the students on the occasion of the Teacher’s day and thus, the kids buckled up to make it special for their teachers on 4th September. Now, the kids wished me happy teacher’s day on 4th and so that was not the surprise.
Like any other Thursday my students had ICT and after which they have their short snack break. After the ICT as I was walking up to my class room with the kids, I was making mental  note of the things that needs to be covered that day in English, Math and UOI. I didn’t even notice other people who passed me, just kept an eye on the straight line my kids had made walking towards the class.
I manoeuvred through the crowd to my class and to my surprise I saw 6 of my student’s mothers coming towards me. They were dressed very nicely and had some boxes and vessels in their hand. They came right towards me and wished me happy teacher’s day and told me that they were there to celebrate the teacher’s day with all of us.
It was such a delightful thing to know that they had secretly planned this for me. Now, this was the surprise. Their small gesture made me feel so special. It made me feel blessed. 
The parents along with the kids sang a song for me. It was the happy birthday song except the words happy birthday was replaced by happy teacher’s day. Then one by one the lovely ladies opened the boxes and started serving koftas, sweets, brownies, chips, biscuits, juices, etc. to all of us in the class. They said some really nice things to me and to the kids.
I and the kids thanked them for the beautiful start of the day and for the grand gesture. It was just amazing. We created some beautiful memories and captured them by taking some cool pictures. It was surprise, surprise, a beautiful surprise.
-          Pratik Thapa


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