Wednesday, September 10, 2014

To attend, or not to attend, that is the question--

100% attendance is an achievement. A student gets 100% attendance when he/she is always present during the academic year. Good 8 students from VB got 100% attendance for the duration from June to the 15th of August. For some, it was their first time getting the 100% attendance certificate for a part of the year, but for my classmate Anirudh and me, it was a big day because we are aiming for the full year 100% attendance thrice in a row. I was surprised that most of my classmates got the part year, 100% attendance certificate! Last year only 2 of us won the big prize of 100% attendance for the full year. Well, I see that this year the 100% attendance fever has come to my class too. I hope most of my classmates and I win the big prize this year.


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