Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cascading to their brothers and sisters

Grade VIII D
On 14th and 2 1st   August respectively, we (Grade VIII C and D) went to Joyland School, for CAS. It was really good. We got a better understanding about how different schools are and how there is an understanding of the topic. We taught 7th graders. The subjects that taught them was Math. In Math the chapters that we taught them were Linear Equation and square and square roots. When we started teaching them, we realized that the students had more knowledge about the topic. They were all really good at studies, but squares and square roots were a new topic for them so we gave them a detailed understanding about the topic. Finally, when we left we gave them a small test. We were shocked to see that they knew everything. We had a lot of fun teaching them. -Tripti Singhania 8 D

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