Thursday, September 4, 2014

CAS Class VIIIF – Visit to Joyland School, Hydershakote

It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”  Mother Teresa
Thursday was a big day for the students of 8F – the eagerly anticipated CAS activity day. The students had put in a lot of thought into what they were going to be doing in Joyland School that they were visiting as part of CAS. There was so much enthusiasm and planning by the students and they came equipped to make the activity a success. The students began the trip to Joyland School with singing in the bus and it was sheer joy listening to them sing with gusto.

On reaching the school the students formed into groups and waited for the teacher in-charge to assign them their classes. Group 1 was made up of Sanjula, Shriya, Meghana, Sana and Aishwarya and were assigned to class V. Group 2 was made up Prachi, Chandralekha, Nidhi and Sindhu and were assigned to class VI.  Group 3 made up of Raj Aryan, Rithik, Rishitha, Kunal, Eashan and Jenny were assigned to class VII and Group 4 consisted of Ansh, Amogh, Zaafir, Srisai, Naman were assigned to class VIII.

The students assigned to class V introduced themselves to the students and started a Math class. The students taught the class LCM and gave them problems to solve. Chocolates were distributed for all the right answers. It was encouraging seeing the students walk around the class and talking to them in English, Hindi and Telugu and explaining the Math problems.  The students also conducted an activity in which the class was asked to draw a triangle and then a circle within without touching the edges of the triangle. Many girls vied with each other to compete in this activity.

The students of class VI taught the students Origami and the students took to it with enthusiasm. It was wonderful watching our students showing them how to make paper craft and help them with their craftwork. The students created a dog, a fish, a snake and a crab. They encouraged the students to colour their craft and write their names so that it could be displayed.
Class VII began with English and the students were asked to solve a puzzle. They then moved on to the Hangman game which was a big hit with the class. Students were rewarded with chocolates for the right answers. On completing the English class they moved on to Origami lessons where the students learnt how to create a frog and ball. It was heart-warming to see our students encourage them in Telugu and Hindi.

The students of class VIII participated in a football match with our students.  The class divided themselves into two teams and they had a warm-up session first where everyone had fun kicking the ball around. It was then time for a serious game and the boys played a fast and rough game with much shouting and laughter. The boys had a great time shooting goals and penalty kicks and encouraging each other to keep the score moving.

At the end of the teaching session students from Classes V, VI, VII and VIII came to the playground and all the students took part in a Kabbadi match, running race and playing the playground swing and slides. There was much laughter and it was a happy sight watching our students interact with the other students of the school.
Class 8F had prepared a special chart keeping in mind Teachers Day and it was presented to the teachers. Our students also gave the teachers personalised teachers day cards and it was much appreciated by the teachers. 

It was with much regret that our students left to return to our school. They asked if they could visit again and promised their new friends that they would come back soon with more interesting activities. The return trip was boisterous with much singing and an impromptu dance in the bus by some of our students.
The class learnt that there is much joy in giving back to society and that language is not a barrier when it comes to communicating with others. They understood the values of volunteering and being patient when dealing with others. A happy class VIII F reached school in time for the Teachers Day celebrations and the much awaited interhouse basketball matches.  It was the end of a day filled with beautiful memories for both the students of our school and Joyland School.


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