Thursday, September 4, 2014

A big day for me as a cultural secretary of Junior school

On 29-8-14 we the members of the prefect council had a meeting about teachers' day celebrations. From that day, all the prefect counsel was excited. We were also having the meetings continued. Plans, plans, plan…. Some people competing, some people to dance, some people for choir and some people for a lovely prayer & a good thought.
The most exciting part of the celebration was the assembly. All the prefect counsel was included in the celebration, especially the head boy, cultural secretaries… The assembly was loved by all the teachers and the students. The prefect mentors were so happy about the prefects.I was comparing  along with Adhya, and Sree. We are being praised by everyone we see. We are proud to be Oakridgers. A day dedicated to our great teachers’.
By Aryan Sai Bandi
Cultural secretary Junior school

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